Cellphone Tips

Everyone is looking to get the most out of their cellphones but do you actually know what is the best way to keep your cellphone in business? Read out loud our cellphone tips to utilize the power of your cellphone.

  • Activate the power saving mode whenever you are in a quite place. It nearly doubles the standard usage time of the cellphone.
  • If you are using a Smart Phone then do not forget to backup your device atlease once a month. Keeps your data secured.
  • Turn off your cellphone! Yes. If you are a Smart Phone user then do switch of your cellphone for atleast an hour in a day or two. It helps to speed up your phone by deleting the temporary files.
  • Keep your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth off while not in use to save your battery.
  • Drain your cellphone's battery completely for atleast once a month and then charge it fully. It will keep the stamina of your cellphone's battery up!
  • While charging the cellphone, make sure to remove the adapter after charging is complete. If you leave it on for extra time it may damage your battery.
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